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The name "Vegan Food Pimp" came after preparing food for our volunteers at Jacobs Ridge, a sanctuary I co founded.  The delight of seeing peoples faces as delicious vegan meals were presented and watching them enjoy every mouthful was my pleasure, it still is, and so the nick name was created! 

To help  understand being vegan people need to first understand connection. they also need to remove the fear of "what would I eat".  


The work of VFP is to help people see that vegan food is everything and more than people ever ate before. The aim is to show them how much healthier they feel just by changing their diet and through the process of change, talking about the ethical reasons for vegan living.

The aim is to educate, not dictate, this way the change is natural, not forced.  Making the change, one by one, a lasting change.

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Eyebrows and Poppy xx

Wilbur x

"I believe you have to be vegan to be a great  vegan chef.  I believe you have to know and Love the food you are creating, if your heart is not vegan it will show on the plate." Vegan Food Pimp x
When your day was just awesome x #vegan

Sweetpea and Megan xx

Bill and Freddie xx

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