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"Lynn has been absolutely incredible since day one of our initial conversations and all the way through the planning stages, not once complaining when I asked her at the last minute to source glassware and other items I didn’t realise our venue wasn’t going to provide.
Lynn went above and beyond, has the most incredible ‘can do’ attitude and is just all round the most fantastic person to work with.
Her food was absolutely INCREDIBLE and many of our non-vegan guests were amazed at how good vegan food can be and are now considering reducing their meat/dairy intake and two of our guests are now going to go vegan!!
Amazing result all because of the tastiest food.
The day went off without a hitch, Lynn had prepared for everything and was an absolute dream.
I’ve heard planning a wedding can be stressful but it was honestly a walk in the park having Lynn on board.
Thank you so much! 😘 xxx " 
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"Vegan Food Pimp recently catered our wedding and the whole experience was amazing! From the start of communication to the end of our big day Lynn was enthusiastic, professional, flexible and 100% organised. As we're both Vegans and were getting hitched in a relatively small venue, Lynn designed an extensive menu of vegan canapés for our 140+ guests to enjoy. We were slightly concerned about the hardened carnivores in our group but needn't have worried as everybody loved it. We can't thank her and her staff enough for helping make our day so perfect." Cat & Nik 
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Lynn catered for our wedding on 27th July and I will start by saying Lynn is such a lovely, down to earth helpful woman who was so accommodating. The food was amazing. We didn't tell many people we were having a vegan wedding but the handful of people that did know prior were apprehensive thinking they would be surviving on lettuce for the day. The food was one of the most complimented aspects of our wedding. Every single person loved the food including us! I honestly would have Lynn cater for any future events I could possibly have and wouldn't say no to her being my personal chef as well :)

Lynn thank you so much for everything, and also to your team who came and helped on the day you made it worry free and extremely tasty and we all left with full bellies 


"Lynn catered for my sisters wedding a little over a week ago. Food was such a big part of the day and they really wanted the guests to enjoy it, especially as it would be the first experience of vegan food for most of them. It was myself that organised the food and from the initial emails, right up until the day itself- I cannot fault the service or the food Lynn provided! She listened to exactly what we wanted and worked with the limited facilities at the venue and made the whole experience really enjoyable and completely stress free. The food tasted spectacular and was presented beautifully with really thoughtful little touches- the guests were taking photos of the dishes as they looked so impressive and many of them went back for seconds of the paella! Absolutely would not hesitate to book vegan food pimp again or recommend them to others!" 

As a vegan chef I am often faced with “ I have non vegans who do not eat vegan food, what do I do?”


Well firstly, everyone eats vegan food, the only difference is the protein on the plate, so my job as a chef is to create food that proves that vegan food is not beige and bland, it is beautiful, delicious and filling.


I do have, and it is the only time I will say this, the advantage of having been a meat eater in the past so I know what people are expecting. The secret is in the taste and texture. People love the taste and texture of food, if a plain piece of steak was served to anyone, without any seasoning, they would send it back, so this is the first step in creating food that everyone will love. I take great pleasure in watching people clear plates, to the point where they look like they have been washed, to then see their faces as they discover it was all 100% vegan. My goal as a vegan chef is to dispel the myths associated with vegan food.


I also point out to my clients who want a vegan menu at their events to remember that this is their event. To be honest, anyone who kicks up a fuss about eating vegan food for one day, as a guest, really needs to learn some manners. I am quite sure that in a situation where the menu was based around any other situation, religion or allergies, people would respect and understand therefore any vegan event should be treated with the same attitude by non vegans.


I work with clients to establish food that everyone will love. I want the wow factor every time. I want beauty in the presentation and I want the explosion of tastes. I want everyone to understand that vegan food is not based around tofu and mung beans, or pasta and insipid tomato sauce, it is about freshness, the best ingredients and of course, the ability to combine spices to match the food in a way that enhances the produce. I work with my sense of smell and taste. I have no interest in rules associated with certain herbs and spices, if it feels right I use it. I do not work within boundaries, I work with my senses every time.


As a vegan chef there is simply nothing off the menu, it is back to taste and texture. The element of surprise when I see people eat smoked salmon and caviar canapes, their taste buds sending signals to their brain to question “is it vegan” means I have succeeded. When I watch someone fold up and eat their kebab wrap, the juices running down their chins, or bite down on a huge burger, I know they are completely unaware that it is 100% plant based.


My only disappointment is people who simply state “I do not eat vegan food” as if it is contagious. I actually think they are afraid of liking it, so, when I am catering for my clients we do not make a big thing about it being vegan. The host knows, the vegans know, the rest, well, they just see beauty and dig right in and, every time, the plates are cleared by everyone proving that vegan food is more than just chips, salad and bread.


All food should be amazing, for me, cooking is love made visible,  if I can bring love to the table, whatever your normal eating habits are, I have succeeded. 


Lynn catered our wedding of 120 guests at a large warehouse with limited resources. She really understood what we wanted for our wedding - and she delivered it. We had so many guests commenting how good the food was, and taking the time to go back and compliment her. We couldn’t recommend her enough.

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"Vegan Food Pimp's Catering was on another level. Generous, fun and tasty for all. Endless compliments from all our non-vegan family was a huge relief as we all know the pains of trying to convince people 'Vegan food' is more than just quinoa. Lynn was friendly and supportive at every stage and we can't thank her enough for the work. Now just make sure that you book your wedding on a Thursday so that you might also get a chance for VFP as they are already so popular!"

"Vegan Food Pimp catered our civil partnership party under challenging conditions (no access to a kitchen, in a venue that was difficult to work with!) and did so with a positive attitude to make it work: the whole event went very smoothly. Lynn included a site visit a few weeks in advance, which helped us to plan out the logistics. On the day, Megan and the VPF staff were professional and unobtrusive. The buffet was excellent; almost all of our guests were non-vegan and they complimented the delicious food - especially the Seitan & Ale mini pies. One of our family members told us that it was really refreshing and that they preferred it to the usual meaty food served at functions. We had an absolutely fabulous day - thanks to VFP for a lovely meal enjoyed by all."


"VFP’s food was amazing and people loved it. We had a few sceptics but they didn’t mind that it was vegan once they tasted it and were even asking for seconds! People were coming up to us raving about the food without us even mentioning it. The cheeses in the evening went down so well. Some people that don’t like non vegan cheese loved it too. Hopefully this has changed a few peoples mind on vegan food 🌱"

Mary R Crumpton

I cannot speak highly enough of Lynn and her team. The food was utterly delicious, loved by vegans and non-vegans alike. 
It was a wedding buffet Lynn did for us. A huge variety of hot and cold dishes, as listed below:
Curry - Made with red lentils, fresh vegetables, it was spicy without being over-powering, and everyone loves curry! 
Mushroom Stroganoff - Made with a medley of mushrooms, red wine and vegetables - dark and delicious.
Tagine - Spicy, colourful and rich without being over-rich.
All served with a choice of Rice, Couscous, Salad Bowls, Breads / Wraps etc
And as well as that we had a Cold Section of trays of filled rolls which included: Cheese & Tomato, Egg Mayo, Pastrami Mustard & Pickles, plus Trays of Spanish Tortilla with Garlic Mayo, Bowls of potato salad, Bowls of coleslaw, Bowls of hummus with vegetable dips, and Olives
Lynn turned up at the function room in plenty of time and sorted everything out. She liaised very professionally with the pub staff. And took care that everything was cleared away afterwards. 
Pricewise, it was very reasonable. Definitely worth every penny.


"Absolutely fantastic! Lynn did a three course meal for 18 for our daughter's 17th birthday. The food was utterly delicious, ample portions and beautifully presented. I especially loved the fact that the lentil wellingtons we had were sat on a bed of yummy pea puree. We has at least three different veg on the side, and each had an extra twist of added flavour. The canapes were so much tastier than the usual non-vegan choices available. The chocolate cake was the best I have ever tasted. We chose to have Lynn as an alternative to booking a restaurant, and I am so glad that we did. It was very much more relaxed being at home, and all we had to provide was table, chairs and plates. Lynn did everything else , including washing up. I highly recommend her catering. Also, out of the 18, my daughter is the only vegan in the family, but everyone loved the food!" - Marianne UK


"Just wanted to say a big thank you to Lynn for being the most amazing caterer at our wedding! Lynn was so helpful and professional throughout. Also the most talented chef I’ve ever met! Her food was fantastic and our guests enjoyed it all. A lot of the meat eaters even said they couldn’t believe they were eating vegan food and they had nothing but compliments.. success! Thank you again for all of your hard work, we appreciated it so much! Hopefully we will be able to eat your delicious food again!"


"We got married in Brighton and for our wedding we wanted to support local independent businesses as far as possible - so we looked to Lynn for doing our food. We made the decision very early on to go completely vegan for the buffet, as we felt this was the most all-inclusive choice of food (aside from food allergies, which Lynn also took very much to heart). We didn't have to mess around with any different dietary requirements of our 120 guests and no animals were harmed in the process - it was a win-win for literally everyone! Lynn was brilliant at listening to our concerns and requests for the menu, and met up with face-to-face too a few times prior to the big day. On the day, she dealt with some rather sizable challenges using someone else's kitchen for preparing the food for the buffet, but didn't stress us out by dragging us into it in any way on the day - which would have probably sent us into orbit! There was genuinely nothing but praise about the food from all of our guests - many of whom were meat-eaters. So for anyone thinking about going vegan for their wedding, I would wholeheartedly recommend just taking the leap and getting Lynn to sort you out! You won't regret it." Sirpa
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 ""What's there to say about Lynn? Well, she's incredible, creative and highly skilled. She went above and beyond our expectations on the food. From the initial email correspondence to the tasting, to looking after us on the day, she was amazing. The food was incredible and made so much more special knowing it was created just for our day. So many people were blown away by the pasties - "How is there no meat in that?!" "The steak and ale pies are to die for." "I can't believe it's vegan." We enjoyed every part of it, even having our own little picnic away from everyone in the flower garden. Lynn and her team were professional throughout the whole process and made the day run smoothly. We're looking at what we can plan next just so we can have her cook for us again. We can't recommend her highly enough.

A massive thank you to Lynn and her team for wonderful food and service." Sam & Rob

"We knew we wanted Lynn to cater our wedding, ever since we had tasted her food at Pig Village.
The majority of our guests were not vegan, so it was important to us that they had a great experience of vegan food, and Lynn was just the person for the job.
From the canapes, through to mains and evening buffet, everyone commented on how good the food was- some not even realising it was vegan. The last thing you want at a wedding is people feeling hungry, and Lynn definitely makes that an impossibility- with you wanting to squeeze in the last mouthful even when you know you have dessert coming!
Thanks Lynn :)

"Having Vegan Food Pimp cater for our wedding was even better than expected. The food was of course wonderful, but Lynn's attention to detail was the cherry on the cake. She took the stress away from the two of us by organising everything. Her staff were attentive and we were able to enjoy our day knowing that everything was being taken care of. The majority of our guests were non-vegan, and I was really pleased with how many of them complimented the food." Thom & Jodie

On Sunday 10 November Vegan Food Pimp created the most amazing winter wedding feast for us: a tasty mushroom starter, a scrumptious roast that resulted in oodles of clean plates, and an amazing trio of desserts that left quite a few guests hoping their partners would be full so they could have two!

Our canapés beforehand were so moreish – guests loved them – and to cap it all, in the evening we had mac ‘n’ cheese with hot dogs and wedges, just the ticket for our evening guests (and lots of day guests had the munchies by then too). Lynn sorted everything, from table cloths to glassware, so any wedding stress for us was at a bare minimum. Professional, kind and thoughtful, nothing was too much trouble… Thank you so much, you were wonderful!!! Ben & Lisa


"Lynn was fantastic throughout, from the initial tasting and menu discussion to the delivery on the day. Our guests loved the food and we will always remember our first meal as a married couple thanks to Vegan Food Pimp."


"We used a wonderful wedding planner, Lynn from Vegan Food Pimp, who was especially useful when it came to the logistics leading up to the day! The venue came with very little so Lynn was great at ensuring everything was there that we wanted to be. When we arrived the tables were laid out absolutely beautifully with menus Lynn had designed and printed especially.

Our catering was done by Lynn from the Vegan Food Pimp. It was important that our event was vegan and wholesome! We chose Lynn as she is as passionate about vegan food and a vegan lifestyle as we are. Everybody was full and happy and the food fuelled an incredible night of fun!"

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"We managed to have a fabulous wedding in the midst of the Covid pandemic, and a big part of the days success was the food! Lynn and her team provided the most delicious meal - so many of our (non vegan) guests commented on how good it was, especially our main course of a seitan roast dinner. It made me so happy that everyone beyond approved of the vegan meal and snacks.

Lynn and her team were very professional, adhering to the social distancing at all times and going out of their way to ensure it was a safe but enjoyable day. I’m very pleased we found Vegan Food Pimp! " 

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