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A beautiful mix of vegan recipes and stories of just some of the animals rescued and living at the Jacobs Ridge Sanctuary in Spain, where the author lived for 11 years. This is a book of connection, a book which can be shared to help spread the word, a book for all ages. Beautiful pictures, stories and of course, delicious food that is easy to make and perfect to share.
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" A recipe has no soul.

You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe". -

Thomas Keller



Lynn Nicholson is a mum to Megan and Freddie, a vegan, traveler, chef, author, nutritionist, animal activist and business woman.


Having lived in Spain for 11 years and co founded an animal sanctuary, Lynn bought together stories of some of the animals from the sanctuary along with  the food she cooked for the volunteers who stayed at the sanctuary.


As a chef she then traveled to South Africa to cook for a vegan monkey sanctuary. She then relocated to Brighton UK,  where she resides with her two children, two rescue Bulldogs, Frank and Gus and two rescue cats, Gary and Charley.


Lynn has three more books in the pipeline all along the theme of connection and wonderful vegan food.


Review From The Wonderful Veganuary.

I think I am going to become very good friends with the Vegan Food Pimp.

I own a lot of cookbooks, but most just sit there looking beautiful; pretty spines all in a row. Only a few ever get opened, and even fewer get used regularly. But it’s going to be different with the Vegan Food Pimp, and I knew it the second I opened it…

Lynn Nicholson cooks with love, and she writes with love too. It grabs you and pulls you close as soon as you start to read. A treasure trove of words and pictures, the Vegan Food Pimp is no ordinary cookbook… Rather, it’s a story, a family photo album, and a scrapbook. You see, there is no Vegan Food Pimp without Jacob’s Ridge; the animal sanctuary that Lynn created with her family in Murcia, in south-east Spain. And the Vegan Food Pimp cookbook is the story of that. Tales of the Ridge animals sit snuggled between the recipes, and you’ll find an involuntary smile spreading across your lips as you flick through the pages.

Most of Lynn’s food was created at the Ridge; served up in huge bowls to the army of compassionate volunteers who flock to the sanctuary every summer. This is soul food in the truest sense – wholesome, hearty and comforting. Real food that you want to make and, more importantly, want to eat. And that’s why I know it’s going to be regularly propped on my kitchen counter.

The filo parcels have already become a ‘go-to’ meal in our house, last served up for my niece’s 18th birthday, and filled with mac & cheese. A total hit with the meat-eaters in the family, who had no idea that vegan food could be so indulgent! Another firm favourite is the tagine, which is flavour-packed and warming on these cooler autumn nights, and can be easily adapted to include all of that leftover veg in your fridge.

What I like most about this cookbook is that it contains the sort of food that families actually eat, not some posh nosh with hard-to-find ingredients and about a million elements. Lynn’s love of food (and life!) is contagious, and she chats to you like a friend throughout; encouraging you to cook with a sense of joy and fun, and to give things a try.

If you’ve stayed at Jacob’s Ridge then this book is a must. But if you haven’t, please don’t be put off. Because what you’ll get is a snapshot into a very magical world, created by beautiful people and filled with truly gorgeous animals. It will inspire you, delight you, and reward you over and over again. It’s a book about life, a book about food, and a book about love. My copy’s already got food stains on it. And I’m pretty sure Lynn will take that as a compliment.

Because food should be beautiful x #roas
Roasted peppers ready to create a delici

"All my recipes are created by me, some have come together first time and others, well lets just say some take a little longer, but with each recipe I am looking for dishes that are visually stunning, taste amazing and most importantly, are healthy.

For me, any recipe that begins with a list as long as your arm is a fail, we all lead busy lives and if we are going to be encouraged to prepare food from scratch then it needs to be simple. 

When I prepare food I am always thinking about "meat eaters". I want everyone to enjoy vegan food and if I can encourage non vegans to make the change then I know my work is successful. One of my personal hates is visiting a restaurant and being served vegan food which is both boring to look at and bland in taste, it is no wonder that some people wonder what we eat, how we survive and why we would want to eat vegan if that is the first impression people have of vegan food.

I set myself personal challenges, to create food that leaves people wondering if the dish really is vegan and I prefer to do it without the use of "mock meat". 

The ultimate goal is for people to consider going out for a meal and to think about the options of Italian, Asian, Vegan, Greek or whatever they fancy, but to see vegan as an everyday option would be fantastic. You do not have to be vegan to enjoy vegan food but it needs to be good and if it is good and you can inspire people you can make change, one at a time " Lynn x

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