Book The VFP For Your Dinner Party

Take out all the stress of your next dinner party or get together and book the VFP.

Why Book A Private Chef?

1. No Stress! You literally do not have to do a thing except have a great time. The VFP arrives with all the food ready to prepare and serve just as you would expect in a restaurant.

2. Clean Up! We clean as we go and you never have to face that "pile" of washing up at the end of a party. 

3. You Spend Time With Your Guests! No running backwards and forwards to the kitchen to check on food, you just sit back, relax and actually be a part of your own party.

4. Eat What You Want When You Want! You decide the time you want to eat and of course, what you want to eat. We work with you to create the menu so you can literally pick anything that fits in with you, your guests and your budget.

5. Reduces Your Costs! No travel, no parking, no taxis, no babysitting fees which all adds up!

6. The Perfect Gift! Why not spoil a friend or family member with their own chef for the evening. You never know, they may invite you too! 

You design the menu, we work on your ideas and inspiration and create the perfect menu for you. 

To Book / Enquire, email