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Best food I've ever eaten, ever! Can't wait to try and recreate it for my family xxx Indie UK

I'm an unapologetic meat eater, especially when it comes to Sunday roasts, but I have to say I really, REALLY enjoyed my vegan roast here today! I felt totally satisfied by the chickpea wellington and can't recommend it enough! Ray. Brighton 


Just some of the reviews on VFP food! Read More over at 100% Vegan Catering! 

"waiting for Lynn to cast her spells in the kitchen and serve the dinner!"

Francesca- Italy.

Lynn's food is amazing. So amazing that I've bought the recipe book! Sarah UK 

Incredibly fortunate to have her here at the foundation for 6 months, the food has been absolutely fucking awesome, like the best food I've ever eaten, Mark. Ireland 

"Lynn you fucking ROCK.

I love this food!" UK

The only words you need if Lynn is cooking: Miam-Miam!  Gilles. France

Your food was delicious in south africa and I can't wait to try some of your recipes myself.

Also, I'm happy to say that since returning to the UK I am now fully vegan and want to thank you for showing me just how easy it is and opening my eyes to how tasty vegan food is (I think I'm actually eating more now then I ever was!!). Lucy UK 

The vegan scallop! #vfpstyle xx The top

Lynn's vegan fare is outstanding, beautifully presented, tasty and filling. Sue South Africa

My favourites have to be the Wellington, Meringue dessert, the mushrooms, chilli, garlic and rocket bread, roast potatoes .... In fact anything Lynn produces I love. S.J   UK

The food was indescribable; absolutely delicious if I must use some words. If you eat like a vegan, you eat like a King! Sammy UK 

Aubergine  courgette and tomato flan.jpe

We were lucky enough to experience the wonderful food again yesterday, Lynn's passion and talent shines through in every dish. Not only does it look and taste amazing but it also healthy and vegan !! Winning!!!! Leah UK

Lynn's food is so beautiful! She is creative in the kitchen, and so good at 'veganising' dishes so they are even better than the original!!
She has inspired me to up my game with my cooking, and after enjoying her delicious food my husband decided to become vegan with me! 
We love you Lynn! Tracy   UK

Great food, great venue, don't miss it.

Thank you so much, we'll be back Terry    France

Lynn's vegan cuisine was second to none. Dianne. Scotland

I'm going to miss the incredible food. Laura UK 

THE BEST food you could dream of! - Moe UK

Absolutely delicious EVERY time! Tastiest food in Brighton let alone tastiest vegan food xxx Ema Brighton 

Your food and your spirit has filled up our souls. Karen. Canada

It is difficult to say good bye to that awesome food! Alex. Spain

Absolutely incredible food! I walked in because I had heard about the food at the Marlborough Pub. The chef whipped me up something not on the menu because they ran out of burgers. It was one of the best things I'd eaten in a long time! I recommend this food to everyone, Vegan or not! I can't wait to come back and try the burgers. Matt. Brighton UK 

Amazing staff, good atmosphere and the vegan food was fantastic!!! Had the vegan lentil curry... Absolutely incredible! Matt . UK

Had our first roast with the Vegan Food Pimp this Sunday. Absolutely delicious. Staff was friendly and helpful. The food was creative and the portions were amazing. Make sure you come hungry. Thanks VFP Jeremy Brighton 

Amazing! Totally stuffed.

Will be back! Xxxx Lucy UK

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Thank you for your lovely meal. I will miss your food. Holgar. Taiwan

I'm an unapologetic meat eater, especially when it comes to Sunday roasts, but I have to say I really, REALLY enjoyed my vegan roast here today! I felt totally satisfied by the chickpea wellington and can't recommend it enough! Ray. UK.

Lynn's food is always totally delicious. Every meal an array of lovely flavours an inspiration to what can be achieved with vegan food. Alison UK

Gotta love Brighton, when your local starts doing vegan food and then it turns out to be delicious! Sophie Brighton

Had the most amazing vegan Sunday Roast at Vegan Food Pimp Restaurant in Brighton. Its the best!!! Make your reservations now! Yumm!! Adull. UK.

Cheesey mashed potato in a cabbage wrap,

"Where do I start? Today was the Premiere of @veganfoodpimp at new venue the St George’s Inn Brighton ( @saint_georges_inn ) after a successful run as Chef for legendary lesbian pub The Marlborough, and she rose to the task. A vegan roast Wellington with a bed of mushy peas, perfection. Lentils in a sea of perfectly seasoned gravy sauce and delicately decorated pastry with seeds. A masterclass in cookery. If the aim was to cement her own reputation, it certainly did. The roasties were perfectly cooked and crispy and soft, whilst the veggies were fabulous (crispy AND succulent). And of course, perfectly cooked sprouts (no mean feat). This was my second trip to try @veganfoodpimp ‘s food, and will not be my last by far. The new hosts of this pop up were also fantastic, lovely staff, lovely pub. Recommended. Honestly, I’m meant to be the fucking Catty Vegan. Making my job hard here ;) Why not #govegan for #veganuary ? The Wellington was stunning. No idea where her thought process even went. Perfect mixture of high end detail and hearty portioning. So hard to get right. 👍😍"

Catty Vegan UK 

Because Sunday lunch should be special #
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