The Vegan Food Pimp. Lynn Nicholson

"Sometimes the darkest challenges, the most difficult lessons, hold the greatest gems of light."

Lynn Nicholson AKA Vegan Food Pimp has developed her skills focusing on the Vegan diet. As a trained holistic nutritionist and a devout vegan, she is always looking at new ways to demonstrate that it is possible to eat very well on a vegan diet.


Over the years she has developed a huge selection of recipes, her first book was released in September 2016 and she is currently working on the second book.

2015 was spent working at Jacobs Ridge, providing delicious, and nutritious, food for the volunteers, a sanctuary she co founded. 

Following working in  South Africa  as the Vegan Chef with the Vervet Monkey Foundation, collecting more ideas for vegan recipes she has now relocated to Brighton where she opened the  VFP restaurant. She now focuses on private chef and private event work bringing vegan food to even more people.


There are many more projects coming up in the future taking the brand across the globe.

As far as Lynn is concerned there is no excuse to not be vegan, just as there is no excuse to produce poor food.

To create recipes the VFP uses  animals, nature, people, shapes, and places for inspiration, it provides a visual beginning to food, this is why the presentation is always important followed by the exceptional use of spices, a skill learned after many years of experimenting.

There are many ways to be an activist for animals and for the VFP it is bringing awesome food to those who never knew that being vegan could be so tasty. It opens conversation helping people connect the dots, which is all anyone needs to go vegan.

Elvis the King xx

Winnie Woo xx

Because all vegan food should be beautif