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Order On Line From A Growing Range of Delicious Vegan Products Freshly Made Direct From the VFP Kitchen! 
Order On Line From A Growing Range of Delicious Vegan Products Freshly Made and Direct From the VFP Kitchen! 

Food is a serious passion for me, I use food to help others become vegan demonstrating just how beautiful, tasty and nutritious the food can be. I visited many different restaurants whilst travelling and so often I discovered the “vegan option” was either bland or loaded with so much spice it was almost inedible or, and this is so common, the options were chips, salad and bread! As a holistic nutritionist this drove me insane for two reasons. Firstly, if you are trying vegan food for the first time it was just disappointing and probably many of these dishes put people off for life but more importantly, as a vegan, you need to eat well, ensuring you are taking on board the nutrition you need to function on a day to day basis.


I do not use any palm oil in my products or any soya protein substitutes. Many of my products are also gluten free too.


VFP products are made with fresh produce, local where I can. I do not use anything synthetic, ingredients that you cannot even read let alone know what they are, just pure, healthy food that will leave you full, happy and content.


The range will grow as each product is tested and approved by me personally


The Product Range

Every product comes with full cooking and storing instructions x

Email your order over to along with the address for delivery. We then send you your confirmation and invoice with payment details. Simple! x

Sausage Range

All sausages are made using vegan skins which can be eaten and ensure the perfect sausage. They arrive chilled and you can pop them straight into the freezer if you wish, they are perfect for frying but I like to drizzle them with a little bit of olive oil and pop them into the oven, 200 degrees, until golden. The range is expanding but each one is delicious!

Gluten Free / Soya Free / Palm Oil Free 

Introductory Offer All Packs Of Sausages are only 3.99 each!
Postage is 2.99 but free if you spend over 10.00!




Everyday Sausage

6 pack

Made with lentils, herbs and spices these are just perfect for any occasion. 

Italian Sausage

6 pack

Made with lentils, herbs and spices these have a Mediterranean feel with a little kick and simply delicious! Perfect on a bed or lentils or in a wrap with salad!


Tagine Sausage

6 pack

These are full of the tastes of North Africa. Made with chickpeas and everything you would expect to experience in a tagine, these are just delicious in a wrap with a salad, mint leaves, squeeze of lemon and yogurt. Really livens up an otherwise dull lunch! 


Curry Sausages

6 pack

Imagine a delicious sausage filled with a lentil curry that you can have at anytime. Sometimes we all grave curry well this way you can pop one in a fresh roll, a blob of mango chutney and you have it all! Medium spiced.


Falafel Sausage

6 pack

Made with chickpeas, mint, lemon and spices these work perfectly in a wrap or with a couscous salad. Just delicious and fresh.


Sausage Rolls

6 pack

Fabulous hot or cold and children, and adults, love them. Made with lentils, herbs and spices these are just pefect for anywhere, anytime! 



There is nothing, nothing more disappointing than a vegan burger that tastes like cardboard! The VFP burgers, made from seitan, contain a special blend of herbs and spices to bring you a filling and delicious experience every time. Take the burgers and create your own personal favourite, keep it classic or go wild with your fillings. They work in the oven, fried, grilled and on the BBQ  so super versatile and many  “non vegan” have been fooled by these! x

In packs of two, one is more than enough for anyone!

4.99 a pack.

Kebab “meat”


Just put the slices in a pan with a drizzle of olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and fry until coloured. Now put in a pitta bread with salad and spicy sauce or, as I prefer, in a wrap where you can really load it up with lots of delicious things to create something amazing!

Sold in 100gm tubs, this is just perfect, quick, easy and as spicy as you want to make it!


Southern Fried “chicken” Pieces


A huge hit on testing and certainly takes on a certain “fast food chicken company”. In the restaurant it is served with a large salad and chips, but you can slice this and put it in a wrap or sandwich too. If you prefer, you can chop it up and mix it into a salad for a perfect picnic lunch, very versatile and super delicious. Just put in a hot oven, 200 degrees, until hot and serve. I like to squeeze fresh lemon over it and serve it with the VFP mayo and a glass of wine!

Made with Seitan 

Four Pieces Of Southern Fried "Chicken"

Enough for two as a main dish. (one each is enough but we like two each!)


Ready Meals


We all have days where, let's be honest, we cannot be bothered to cook. You feel hungry and you want something right now! Well, this is the range for you. Each pot will feed two people, all you need to do is add something like rice or couscous and you have an instant filling, nutritious meal! These are also great to take to work with you too so enjoy half and safe the rest!

All sold in 500gm tubs!

All 4.99 each.

The VFP Tagine is a firm favourite with so many. Packed with vegetables, chickpeas, cashews and spices it is a winner every time! Just whip up some couscous, takes minutes, and you have an awesome meal! 

Red lentils are perfect in a curry. The curry is medium hot but you can always spice it up if you wanted, serve with rice or why not just heat up and serve with wraps, saves time! 

Chili has to be one of my go to when I just want something warm and delicious.  This can be served with rice, couscous or even in a pitta bread, all works! 

Vegan Roasts & Wellingtons


These are perfect on so many levels. Firstly, they taste amazing but more importantly they are easy to cook, easy to transport (when you have to take your own dinner with you!) and make the perfect lunch with the leftovers, should you have any, the next day! Cook it for a Sunday lunch or have it as part of a picnic. Perfect!

You have three options to choose from, the wellingtons come with an awesome flakey pastry and the pulses are covered in a mushroom, onion and balsamic reduction. They come in their own baking tray all you have to do is brush with a plant based milk and pop in the oven!  They serve six people or four if you are super hungry!


Lentil Roast                     15.99


Lentil Wellington            18.99


Chickpea Wellington      18.99

Orders are sent on a Friday for overnight delivery to be with you on Saturday.

Last day for orders for the following week is Thursday midnight. 

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