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The V.F.P Team

"Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher"

                                                                                                         Oprah Winfrey


Working hard to support and grow the VFP Brand is a group of very special people, each with their own qualities, but most of all, they form the VFP family and help to keep the creativity flowing in all areas xx

V.F.P Coordinator

Adrienne is the VFP Coordinator providing the ears and eyes to projects.

With an extensive knowledge of the the customer service industry, Adrienne brings everything together, effortlessly. 

V.F.P Designer 

Lisa is the VFP designer and is completely responsible for the final look of the VFP Cookbook and the brand design.

Lisa brings bundles of experience with the ability to turn ideas into action through her work.

VFP P.A and Event Coordinator
Megan works behind the scenes keeping mountains of paperwork in order as well as the VFP herself!
Megan liaises with clients to ensure that everything is in place ready for the big day dealing with any last minute issues.
You will often see Megan at events working to provide clients and guests with the best experience as well as over seeing staff to ensure a smooth service.
You will see Anne at many of the events, assisting in the kitchen, serving guests and dealing with any issues that arise throughout the day.
Team players are the important part of the VFP because with a great team you can always be sure of a win. 
VFP Team Player

Behind every event is a team that no one ever sees, but each plays their part to assist in making the day perfect.

Freddie is always on hand to assist with loading, unloading, helping to organise in fact, he is available for whatever we need. x

VFP Overseas Products Manager

Amanda joins the VFP Team in charge of sourcing products from Spain to bring over to Brighton.

Originally from London Amanda has  lived and worked abroad most of her life!

She has now settled in Spain.

Amanda and Lynn met whilst volunteering at Jacobs Ridge, so it will be lots of flights over to Brighton to catch up with everyone!

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